Monday, February 28, 2011

Michael de Broin

Michel de Broin is a contemporary artist who does sculptures. He uses non-traditional materials in order to create something that the viewer has to re-define.

Black Whole Conference, 2006
72 Chairs, 400cm in diameter

Michael de Broin has taken an everyday object and turned it into something that makes his audience question what it is. The construction of this project, completed in 2006, is extremely well constructed and methodical. Here, the instillation works extremely well because the black is such a great contrast against the white room. The sphere that is created was done by attaching only the chairs legs. It created a sort of pokey and dangerous looking exterior. It’s almost as if it is protecting itself. The extremely industrial and business like object becomes something much more organic here.

Great Encounter, 2008
Two refrigerators, plexiglass shape

These two refrigerators no longer serve their purpose in a random corner in a kitchen where they hold endless amounts of food and college kids’ sodas. A refrigerator is unable to function when the door is held open for long amounts of time; it would completely lose its cool temperature and no longer function as keeping foods cold and making them last. By opening these fridges and connecting them with something that will still keep the cold in, a true encounter has been made. A light fog has been made in the middle between the two. I also think it is intriguing that the light remains on because the door is open; it enhances the idea that when closed, the light is off. What goes on in there when the door is closed and we can’t see behind it?

Encircling, 2006
Asphalt, yellow paint, road sign, 14,80 x 21,90 m

There is extreme culture in road signs and roads when designing cities and teaching people how to drive. This public artwork changes our thoughts and makes our regular thought become irony. It is a never-ending roadway leading to nowhere. I think it is ingenious that he had a road sign created next to the real asphalt road. The road sign almost says it all. If you get on that road, you’ll never get off.

I really enjoy how Michael de Broin uses everyday feelings, thoughts, and objects to create something new for his viewer.

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