Monday, May 9, 2011

John Chamberlain

John Chamberlin is a sculpture artist who makes sculptures out of old cars that he has broken down.

M. Junior Love 1962

This is my favorite piece by Chamberlain. I think it is because of the colors and the animal like nature of the top piece. I feel like it is an ancient bird that has been placed on a pedistol for museum viewing. The bends and rusting and angles of each form is beautiful and organic in nature. The 'z-like' form keeps the audience's eye moving from the top to bottom.

Latin Disco 1975
The transformation that has happened for these cars is incredible. The bright yellow is a major focus point in this piece. It reminds me of a bag that is holding the other materials on the top. I don't really understand what Latin Disco is, but I really enjoy, again, the formal qualities that Chamberlain has created here in this sculpture.


The formal qualities of the bends and rusting and scratches and linear pieces are very pleasing to the eye. The dirty quality of it makes it feel as if it has been pulled out of the ground and is a new treasure that has been found. It has a history, not only in it's looks but what it has been made out of. Cars have history, the people, the places, etc. And I think this beautiful sculpture shows this.

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